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Every other week we meditate with the School of Life community. One of our teachers guides a meditation or transmission, often around a certain topic. Beforehand we feel into the field: our personal field, that of our community and the global collective energy field. Then a topic arises that is showing up in all of these fields, meaning it has a significance, not only for us personally but also for the collective.

The focus of our practice is on deepening experience, expanding consciousness and integrating our wisdom into our bodies and our daily lives.

The meditations are for everyone who feels it is time to take the next step, as an individual but also as a collective. The times in our world are full of turmoil, conflict and broken connection with our mother Gaia. It is time we create communities that are dedicated to restoring the connection: with the earth, with each other and with the divine blueprint of life itself. All of us carry a unique frequency and unique gifts with which we can contribute to this restoration!

Registration and dates

Below you can register by simply signing up with your name and email address, after which you will receive a Zoomlink in your inbox. Participation in the meditations is for free. We do ask you to arrive a little before 8 p.m. (C.E.T.), so that we can start in time.

Each meditation will be on a Monday evening, starting at 8 p.m. and finishing at (latest) 9 p.m.Make sure you are seated comfortably in a quiet place. At the start of the meditation we ask everyone to turn the camera on, so that we can see our fellow-travelers and make a connection to the group-field. Once we embark on the journey you can turn of your camera if you like! Meditations are in English or Dutch (see schedule)

Next up meditations: (new dates will be added every few weeks)

  • July 8                Senta    Hartopeners: Dankbaarheid
  • July 16 (TUE)  Milou    Embracing fear with love (NL/EN)
  • July 22              Tessa     Lionsgate Siriusportal (NL)
  • July 29              Senta    Hartopeners zomerdrieluik (NL)
  • Aug 5                 Senta    Hartopeners zomerdrieluik (NL)
  • Aug 12               Senta    Hartopeners zomerdrieluik (NL)
  • Aug 19               Milou    Meditaties voor de wereld (NL)
  • Aug 26               Tessa    Light Codes for embracing opposites (NL)

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Meet the Team

Milou van Dueren den Hollander
CEO and teacher at School of Life

Milou is trained as a holistic psychotherapist and energyhealer. Besides working in her own practice, she is leading workshops and in-depth trainings as a spiritual teacher and facilitator. She is also co-owner of School of Life, a school for multidimensional therapy in the Netherlands, operating there as CEO, mentor and teacher. Her passion lies in bringing the mystical closer to our daily lives and in gently giving words to the subtle realms, so that they can be experienced deeper.

Senta Beckers
Manager and teacher at School of Life

Senta Beckers has a background in the theatre and is a professional lifetherapist, leading groups of people into the depths of inner development, in School of Life, in her practice and in the world of theatre. She loves to create a connection between inner work and creative development and in everything she does her intuïtion is her strong guiding compass. She loves to create from source and support others to bring forth their creations that are aligned with an authentic expression of love, joy and creativity!

Tessa Visch
Founder of the new School of Life and teacher

Tessa Visch is trained as a healer and Lifetherapist and is a guiding star for everyone that is looking for a deeper connection to their cosmic origin. Tessa is a great reader of the subtle realms and a facilitator of spaces where (groups of) people can explore their cosmic nature. She specializes in bringing the earthly and the cosmic experiences together in the body and in daily live and supports people to live in tune with their fully embodied multidimensional capacities.