A 7 day immersive retreat | April 22-28 2024 | The Land of Now, the Netherlands
Are you ready to open up to your divine nature and walk the path of Christ Consciousness? Join us!

Logos. This word traditionally relates to the principles of divine reason and creative order embodied through Yeshua and the life he led. This organizing principle of the Universe, the ‘intelligence’ through which all things are coming into being.  More importantly, it also represents the energy of the cosmic frequency out of which this Christ Consciousness incarnated on Earth, making it available to all of humankind.

In the Logos retreat we will be inviting the highest wisdom to move through each of us, illuminating not only the places where we are standing in the way of our own Christ Consciousness, but also illuminating the possibility for what our lives might look and feel like if this energy were to be more and more a part of our reality. We see Yeshua and the Magdalenes as avatars, representing the connection to a specific field of consciousness that is very deeply in the spiritual DNA of humankind, and therefore available for all to connect to. Together we will take a next step in our commitments to embody a higher consciousness, thereby translating our deep remembrance into a living transmission.

7 days of remembering, experiencing, relating and integrating

This retreat is a mystical path in itself. We will be present and work on all levels of our human being: the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and the cosmic.

The 7 days in this week fulfill a cyclical pattern and energetically essential phases of experience, learning and integration. We have channeled each day into a theme, that will be our guiding principle on that day. Although each day has a specific theme, we will be fluid in our facilitatorship, attuning each day to what arises in us, the participants, the group field and to that which serves the highest good of all.

The retreat will be supported not only by the two of us as facilitators, but also by a team of experienced assistants who also resonate with this frequency.  They will serve as an additional support for each participant and the group as a whole, and also anchoring presence in the field.

We are looking forward to a time of deep unfolding and rejuvenation together and would be delighted to have you join us! With love, Gary & Milou

This retreat is for you when you:

        • Are ready to deepen your commitment to living a life more connected to source
        • Feel a resonance or connection to Christ Consciousness as a deep guiding principle
        • Feel a resonance to the lineage of Yeshua and the Magdalenes or the energies they represent
        • Wish to immerse yourself in a (group)field of living transmission and remembrance
        • Desire to integrate your inner wisdom and cosmic remembrance into your day-to-day reality
        • Want to come home deeper on all levels of your being
        • Are open and willing to take the steps that are required for your personal evolution, in resonance with our collective evolution
        • Simply feel your heart singing, knowing you need to be there!


This retreat is for everyone who feels it is time to take the next step, as an individual but also as a collective. The times in our world are full of turmoil, conflict and broken connection with our mother Gaia. It is time we create communities that are dedicated to restoring the connection: with the earth, with each other and with the divine blueprint of life itself. All of us carry a unique frequency and unique gifts with which we can contribute to this restoration of sacredness.

In this retreat we will bring our attention to this collective shift and each of our individual contributions to it. We focus less on the personal process and more on the parts of our inner world that are being called to be of service to the collective. We move from ‘my will to thy will’ and surrender to what wants to be born through us. You are heartily invited!

Introduction webinar

Want to know more? Join us in the free online webinar!

In this webinar we will share more inspiration about this retreat, facilitate a meditation and open the space for a Q&A.

February 28th, 20:00 (CET)

The seven day cycle: Guiding Principles of the week


Day one: Genesis
In the beginning there was the word

This day is not only the beginning of our week together, it is the basis for the emergence of our group field, in which all will enfold. ‘In the beginning there was the word’ is a well-known phrase of the biblical Genesis. The mystical meaning of ‘word’ relates to the quality of sound and the vibration of the ‘word’. Once spoken, it has an actual energetic existence and shapes our reality. This is the process of unformed energy meeting the vibration of sound.  The ‘word’ in this case will be giving voice to our intention for our time together. we deeply relate to what brings us here, to this moment, to this retreat, we can generate the specific frequency of this intention, to help shape our experience and our potential. We can then show up fully in our desires, fully in our bodies, fully in our cosmic presence. And by showing up fully, we take the first step


Day 2: Trinity

‘Where two or more meet in my name, there I shall be’

To us, the word ‘trinity’ points to the coming together of body, mind and spirit, but also to a strong sacred geometry, at work in all of existence. It guides us to move beyond duality and create in a non-linear way.

In group work this means that every individual in a group has a place, together forming one geometry.  In the biblical trinity, each of  the three represented an essential aspect of the whole, complete only in their relational union. And so it is within our field, where each person‘s unique contribution will have a profound influence on the whole. On our second day, we will give space for the group field to shape itself, creating a stronger container, which will support us to move beyond our daily perception and into a more evolutionary geometry and frequency.


Day 3: Flame of Purification

The moment we start to enlighten our path and intention, we will call our shadow into plain sight as well. There is no light without dark. Our third day will be devoted to purification. We will use the energy of the sacred flame to bring into our awareness that which is hidden. In this practice we will set the intention to bring any scattered parts of our consciousness into the whole of our being, calling all of our soul-parts to come together, so that we may feel all that needs to be felt in order to take the next step on our initiatory path.


Day 4: Communion

In the Christian tradition ‘communion’ is connected to the physical and mystical act of ‘ingesting the body of Christ’. As an alchemical process, we can describe this as becoming one with the essence of Christ. This process is not about transcending the mundane or turning away from the pain of the world we live in, but more a way of allowing our minds and physical bodies to deeply open to the intelligence of the Christ Consciousness and eventually to share one heartbeat. On this day we will invite the frequency of Christ Consciousness more intentionally  into our meditations, looking at what might be standing in the way of a deeper union, and exploring our inner relation to it, so that we can soften into communion with all that is available to us in that moment.


Day 5: Grace

There are hardly any words to give to this theme, since it is bestowed upon us by source itself. However, we are not separate from source and therefore cannot take ourselves out of the equation. On our fifth day, we will work deeper with our understanding of communion, moving from ‘my will’ to ‘thy will’ and explore what it means to surrender as fully as we can, so that we allow ourselves to be governed by the highest intelligence.


Day 6: Sacrifice

Every path we choose, comes with a road not taken. When we consciously choose to embody a higher intelligence, things might appear to be the same on the surface, but on a deeper level there is no going back. This calls us to review our lives in the light of this embrace and be willing to see what serves and what does not serve our spiritual embodiment, as an individual as well as a society. This sixth day together will be devoted to the topic of sacrifice and death. What aspects of my personality am I willing to let go of to move into a more unified state of being? What might have served me until now, but is no longer serving my highest good? We will look at micro-and macro level at that which wishes to die, in order for something else to be born.


Day 7: Shabbat

Our seventh day together, will start on the evening of the day before, in the spirit of Shabbat. On this day we honour creation.We honour light descending into the world of matter as a manifestation of the divine presence of source. And we will take time for integration on all levels of our being, preparing ourselves to take our experiences home and into the world as a living transmission

Meet Milou & Gary

Milou van Dueren den Hollander
Facilitator of the LOGOS retreat

Milou is trained as a holistic psychotherapist and energyhealer. Besides working in her own practice, she is leading workshops and in-depth trainings as a spiritual teacher and facilitator. She is also co-owner of School of Life, a school for multidimensional therapy in the Netherlands, operating there as CEO, mentor and teacher. Her passion lies in bringing the mystical closer to our daily lives and in gently giving words to the subtle realms, so that they can be experienced deeper.

Gary about Milou:

It is a great pleasure to be diving into the energetic realm of Christ Consciousness together with Milou. We share a deep passion for mystical spirituality, with a keen interest in exploring how one can live an alive and evolving spirituality within the context of the changing world we live in. As a gifted therapist and healer, she possesses a simultaneously calming and extremely clarifying manner in the experiential field she is creating. This opens a space for often hidden layers in her students to appear in a very organic and healing way. Her heightened ability to attune to very subtle energy fields and structures makes it possible for her to both connect in a very deep way and to also provide a soft, solid anchoring.

Gary Joplin
Facilitator of the LOGOS retreat

Gary Joplin is an international expert in somatic training and embodiment, as well as a professional choreographer and stage director. As a meditation and body-mind awareness specialist, Gary conducts training courses and workshops in Europe, Israel, China and the United States. He is a a contributing somatic facilitator and coach for Mobius Leadership, a Visiting Master in somatic practices for The Octave Institute in China, as well as a member of the faculty for the School of Life Therapists in the Netherlands and the Academy of Inner Science in Germany, where he has worked closely with Thomas Hübl in many international projects. Gary's work guides people into deeper states of inner awareness, opening doors to more expanded physical, emotional, and creative perception and expression.

Milou about Gary:

Gary is such a delight to work with! In his touch and his way of making contact, the other often feels deeply met from an unconditional place. As a facilitator he is fluent in combining a playful approach with a very deep transmission. Working with him in the field of Christ Consciousness feels completely natural: it is a frequency in which he is deeply rooted. Gary is as much a human as a cosmic being and both come forward strongly in his presence. His extensive experience with meditation gives him a clear connection to source and he has a special ability in translating the mystical realm into a physical experience.

Retreat center ‘The Land of Now’

Practical details

This retreat consists of:
  • A well kept frequency-field
  • Meditation in silence and sound
  • Trauma- informed bodywork
  • Nervous system release exercises
  • Relational practices
  • Deep level energetic groupwork
  • A balance in personal and collective evolution
  • Channeled transmissions
  • A beautiful and practical online community to share resources and inspiration

LOGOS retreat will be held at ‘the Land of Now‘, a beautiful retreat centre with a luxury feel, a fine eye for detail and amazing food. The Land of Now is a very hospitable and comfortable place, which will be our exclusive domain for the week, which allows us to set a vibrant energyfield.

Online Community

Once registered for the retreat, you will receive access to our online community on Mighty Networks. In this virtual environment we will share resources with you, like books to read as inspiration, music and meditations. During the retreat we will record several of the meditations and upload them on Mighty Networks, for you to practice at home. Also, participants can share resources and information with eachother and stay part of the community, also after the retreat


The costs of this retreat include facilitation, sleeping facilities and delicious organic meals and drinks throughout the day. There is some room for sleeping preferences, although not unlimited. By joining as an early bird, your application helps shape the rest of the group energetically and will also be a support to us in downloading the field of the week.

Early Bird ( until January 31st) Regular
Single room* E 2200,- E 2333,-
double room E 1880,- E 2000,-

* Single rooms are currently sold out, but if the retreat is not completely booked, we will have some more available, in order of application or in case of special need (for example a medical reason)

Feel like the investment is too much for you right now, but that you are called to be there? Get in touch with us about options


After we receive your registration, you will soon get an email with more information, access details to Mighty Networks and an invoice. We ask you to fill in our questionnaire with care so that we can attune to you as a person and have a sense of your intentions for this week. In case we have questions about your application, we might ask for a call to get to know you a bit better.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

The supporting team

Kim de Groot

Kim de Groot is trained as a psychologist, energyhealer and life therapist. She works in her own practice, specializing in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology. As a therapist and healer she works with compassion, sensitivity, depth and safety. The subject of this retreat lies very close to Kim’s heart. She has a deep connection to the realm of the archangels and Christ Consciousness and a unique ability in assisting people to deeply remember their essence, original blueprint, Source and their own ability to rest in the field of love.

Simon Courtney

Simon Courtney is a trauma-informed psychotherapist and coach, experienced at group facilitation. After a strong calling to pursue and integrate a spiritual path into his life it became very clear that including the deepest aspects of our humanity, and living this calling in daily life, was essential for an embodied spirituality (and humanity). He is passionate about how all parts of ourselves can be allowed to walk with and join us as we open up to higher and deeper possibilities in our lives.