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Satsang: A beautiful word from Sanskrit: ‘Sat’ (truth) and ‘Sangha’ (community).

Coming together in devotion to the exploration of human existence.. that is the intention for this Satsang. I feel inspired to facilitate this initiative because I sense that there is a lot of information wanting to flow through me and that the intelligence of a group or community is essential in this process. By opening the field of connection (horizontal) and intention (vertical) together, a deeper ’truth’ can land in our midst, resonating through our individual and collective bodies, which we can then use in our daily lives.

In this evening every question you have around consciousness, embodied spirituality or the (therapeutic) relation to self or other is welcome. In the ‘answer’ I will be guided by the flow of information in myself, in the person asking the question or in the group field. The question opens the field and is just as important as the information that follows. Even when you are participating in silence, you are an active participant in the evening, contributing to the whole by your intentional presence and connection. These evenings are a beautiful opportunity to get inspired and deepen your personal contemplation.

So do I know it all? Certainly not! I am not a guru, nor a keeper of exclusive wisdom. But in my many years of working with groups I found that more inner knowing and experience opens up when we are deeply connected in a coherent group field. I simply find joy in giving words to information that shows up, or guidance to energy that wants to be experienced. I invite you to find your own resonance and truth in everything that is felt and said!

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Tickets and dates

Each Satsang will be on a Wednesday evening, starting at 8 p.m. and finishing at (latest) 10 p.m.Make sure you are seated comfortably in a private and quiet place. Contribution for this evening is 15 euro’s (free for students of School of Life)

Next up satsangs: (new dates will be added every few months)

  • May 1
  • May 15
  • June 5
  • June 21
  • July 3
  • July 17
  • Aug 21
  • Sep 4

I look forward to meet you!

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